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11. "This is the tenth demon summoning this week holy shit."

"Nica. Nica we need to talk." Jessie leaned against the frame of her roommate's bedroom door, fingers gently cradling her temples.

Nica, for her part, was kneeling on the floor at the edge of a chalk pentagram. The faded lines of pentagrams past indicated this was not even the first of the last 24 hours. "Can it wait?"

"No it- look, I'm fine with the necromancy. I'm fine with the weird screaming of the damned at two in the morning! Fine! The rent is cheap, I've dealt with worse. But oh my god you need to cut it out with the demons."

"I don't follow."

Jessie found her fingers tensing harder into the sides of her head, "There is a large muscular man with horns in the living room holding up our TV. He smells like he's on fire and he keeps glaring at the cat. There's a succubus in the kitchen right now making you pancakes. Yesterday you had a living humanoid collection of icon chains and hooks do our laundry."

"What'll it take to make this not a conversation that happens now? Do you want some time alone with the succubus or something?"

Jessie's face went red, "You are not buying me off with - No, I want you to stop inviting all of Hell to our apartment! Or at least slow down!"

Nica's eyebrow arched up, but she did not break her concentration on the pentagram, "You sure? I can make sure she doesn't take your soul, if that's your hangup here."

"You wouldn't have asked her anyway?"

"Not unless you wanted me to."

"How would I possibly know to ask that?" Jessie pulled her shoulder away from the doorframe.

Nica shrugged, "You said I can't buy you off with it anyway, what do you care?"

Jessie went silent for a moment. "We're having this talk tomorrow."

"Her name is Zionia. I'll call her in."

5. "The skirt is short on purpose!"

1. "Who wouldn't be angry? You ate all my cereal and faked your death for three years!"